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Offering a wide range of services:
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  • Childhood Abuse

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Length of sessions:

Sessions are 50 minutes long. In some cases, depending on your needs, we can arrange to meet for longer sessions, or for multiple sessions during the week.

Length of therapy:

The length of our work together will be a question we visit over time.  Among other things, it depends on what your goals are and how much prior experience you have in therapy.   My experience is that, once you decide that the therapy seems useful, the results will come more quickly depending on the depth of commitment to the work. The effort you put in will likely be one of the best investments in your life.  
I utilize EMDR therapy, in part, because of how it speeds the process of healing in general.  I will do my best to get you the relief from struggles and symptoms as efficiently and as effectively as possible.   
What to expect:
Before you call to make an appointment with a therapist, you often want to know whether the therapist has experience or expertise dealing with a particular age group, a particular problem. My practice includes work with individuals, teens, and children and covers a multitude of issues and symptoms.

Making an Appointment:

Many people feel reluctant to start psychotherapy because they donít know what to expect. When you call my office I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to talk about your life circumstance so that we can determine whether my expertise will be a good fit for you. If we agree together that an initial session would be helpful, we will schedule an appointment.

Sessions are fifty minutes long. Before that first time you can either download forms from my website to fill out, or you can come early and have me leave forms out for you in the waiting room.  The forms (Personal Information and Consent for Treatment) explain my policies on confidentiality, fees, and other aspects of my practice. Confidentiality is a pillar of building trust in therapy. Thus, I hold my conversations with clients in the strictest confidence. The exceptions to the rule of confidentiality are dictated by law. During the initial consultation we discuss any questions you might have about my policies and the law.
I often explain that initial sessions are a time for you to assess your comfort level with me and my style, as well as for me to take an adequate history of your struggles, family history, and life events.  I will ask you to tell me more about your circumstances so that I can begin to understand the nature of your dilemmas. I may ask questions to learn more about your dilemma(s). I might also ask questions to help clarify the situation so that I can better understand it. It is very important to determine whether you feel comfortable talking with me. To that end, I ask the you to keep track of your comfort level, thoughts and feelings along the way and always feel free to discuss that with me.


I have created a practice that is confidential and discrete in order to meet the special privacy needs of my clients. My communications with my clients are held in the strictest of confidence. I adhere to, and to the extent possible, exceed the mandates of state and federal law as well as professional ethics regulations regarding confidentiality. These laws and regulations are designed to create a safe environment for clients to openly discuss sensitive issues. During the initial session, you will receive a form describing the rules of confidentiality. At that time we can discuss any questions or concerns you might have about confidentiality.


Therapy frequently requires an investment in time, emotional and intellectual energy, and finances, just as other investments such as a college education might require.  Please call or text me for my current fees.  The initial 15 minute phone consultation is offered at no charge so that we can determine together whether the services I provide are a good fit. Payment is handled at the beginning of each session.
Many people are concerned about the cost of therapy and would like to use health insurance to pay for therapy. Although I do not accept insurance reimbursement directly, I can assist clients who would like to submit appropriate forms to insurance on their own. If a client would like to submit forms for reimbursement to their insurance, we can discuss their benefits and the insurance process during the initial consultation.




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